What moments have defined your Chautauqua experience?

We're all looking forward with immense anticipation to the time we can all assemble again, in groups and venues big and small, creating memories we'll never forget. While we dream about that day, we thought we'd remember together: What moments have defined your Chautauqua experience? These can be big moments, like seeing or even meeting a favorite author or performer, or quiet moments, like meals with family on the porch or reading a book on a lakeside bench — and everything in between. We invite you to share the Chautauqua moments that you revisit again and again, so that we all might bask in their collective joy and warmth. 
Submit a photo, a short video and/or a brief written story on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #MyCHQMoment, or directly on the Institution's #MyCHQMoment page. Over the coming weeks, the Institution will share and highlight submissions on their main Chautauqua social media accounts and in future e-newsletters, and through May 15 select one entrant per week to receive $100 in merchandise from the Chautauqua Bookstore, or to pay that amount forward through a donation in their name to the Chautauqua Fund or a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization of their choice.
Thank you for contributing to this community effort to lift spirits as we all navigate a particularly difficult moment. We are in this, and will get past this, together.