Between the Motion and the Music (DVD) -- Frederick A. Rueckert

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This DVD by Fred Rueckert, a Rochester Institute of Technology student, is a documentary showing the Massey Memorial Organ's 1992-1993 re-construction. The DVD includes a special feature vignette of the 2003 32' Bombarde installation.

Begun in late 1992 and completed in June 1993, the organ was reconstructed by the Fischer Pipe Organ Company of Erie, PA. In 2003, a 32' Bombarde stop was added to the instrument by Fischer Pipe Organ Company. This specialized organ stop, was donated to Chautauqua Institution by Rueckert, in memory of his grandparents and his college project.

During the Chautauqua season, which runs from late June to late August, there are recitals on the Massey Organ most Wednesdays. There are also tours of the organ and "Children's Encounter" programs on alternating Sunday evenings.


71 minutes
dust jacket artwork, design & photography by Frederick A. Rueckert

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