2023 Week Nine: The Global South: Expanding the Scope of Geopolitical Understanding

August 19–27

A new geopolitical shorthand has emerged in recent years: The Global North and the Global South have replaced old constructs of East and West, third-world and first-world. And it is this Global South that we shift our attention to this week. In the Global South, African countries are seeing booms not just in population, but in science and economics. Latin American countries are pursuing more independent foreign policies. Traditional spheres of influence are shrinking, while others are developing in dynamic ways. At the same time, the South stands to be the first area impacted by food shortages and climate change — driving shifts of population, culture and politics across the rest of the globe. In this week, we examine how interconnected global interests truly are, and present a renewed focus on this often-overlooked geopolitical collective. What has it meant and does it mean going forward to have mis-regarded these entire parts of the world for so long — and it is too late to meaningfully shift this paradigm? And while we wrestle with these critical issues and questions, all through the week we will celebrate in a festival atmosphere the culture and history of the Global South through unique food and artistic offerings.