Congratulations to My Tran, the 2019 winner of The Chautauqua Janus Prize!

CHQ Janus Prize Sticker imageMy Tran Janus Prize Winner 2019

"Tree rings, like concentric ghosts" by My Tran is the 2019 winner of The Chautauqua Janus Prize.

As the author selected from eight finalists by judge Vi Khi Nao, Tran receives $5,000, elevated this year from the original prize of $2,500, plus all travel and expenses for a summer residency at Chautauqua during the 2019 summer season. Tran will present a public lecture and reading at a celebratory event with music and refreshments at a date to be determined on the Institution’s grounds. Their writing will also appear in a future issue of the literary journal Chautauqua

Tran said they were honored to be chosen for a prize that celebrates formal innovation.

“Here is a space where I let playful associations bridge the cut between sense and nonsense, between the languages that cohere and fall apart in my body, between fact and fiction,” Tran said of “Tree rings, like concentric ghosts." “So, I am thrilled to be a part of the conversations at Chautauqua Institution, where dialogue is woven across disciplines, genres, and impulses, always attuned to our social and political climate.”

"Tree rings, like concentric ghosts" as published in the Spring/Summer 2019 issue of Black Warrior Review will be available at the Chautauqua Bookstore and CLSC Veranda. 

For more information on The Chautauqua Janus Prize, My Tran, and the other finalists, visit the CHQ Literary Arts webpage.