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Where can I get CLSC discounts?  What are the discounts?

Current CLSC membership includes discounts at the Chautauqua Bookstore, CLSC Octagon, and

At the two physical locations, members receive a 20% discount on all CLSC and current CLSC Young Reader books, as well a 10% discount on all other titles.

On our website, registered members receive a 20% discount on the current CLSC selections, and 10% off all other titles, including past selections and Young Reader books.  Online, discounts will only apply once your membership has been verified and applied to your web account.

CLSC Discounts at

After you complete an order for a CLSC membership through our website, your account will be marked as a current member’s account.  Once your membership is activated on our site, a notice will appear on the homepage when you are logged in.  On future online purchases:

  • A 10% discount will automatically be applied to general titles and past selections.
  • A 20% discount to 2021 selection purchases can be applied by using the coupon code THEPEOPLE in your shopping cart.

If you purchase books at the same time as your membership through our website, discounts will not apply in your cart.  We will apply the discounts ourselves before we process the payment.  (Afraid we'll forget?  Go ahead and add a note in your order comments.) If you are waiting for your account to update before making other purchases, let us know in your order notes, and we’ll send you a notification email as soon as you’re good to go! 

Only 1 year’s membership can be active on our website at a time.  That means that once we begin selling 2022 memberships, 2021 memberships will deactivate (on our website only!  At our store, we will recognize your membership until the beginning of the 2021 CHQ Season).

If you have any further questions or have already purchased your 2021 Membership through other means and would like to receive your discounts online, reach us through our Contact us page and select “Membership” in the category dropdown.

How/where do I buy a CLSC Lifetime Membership?

This is a common confusion.  The CLSC does not offer life memberships; Life Memberships are only available for the Alumni Association of the CLSC (formerly The Society of the Hall in the Grove).  The Alumni Association, founded in 1882, is a separate organization with its own rich history and mission -- Visit the Alumni Association website

Please note that Alumni Association memberships do not come with Bookstore discounts.  The discount we offer reflects our involvement with and support for the yearly program presented by the CLSC.  Alumni Association members may continue to be yearly CLSC members if they choose.

Purchasing a Yearly Membership

During the 9-week CHQ Season (June - August), memberships are only available through the CLSC Octagon, a historic CLSC facility located next to Pioneer Hall at the corner of Cookman and Wythe (near the Hall of Philosophy and Alumni Hall), and reachable by phone (716-357-6293) or email (

Out of season, memberships can be purchased through Chautauqua Bookstore, both in-store and online.

Can I pay for past years' memberships so I can graduate now?

You can buy as many years worth of memberships at once as you want -- just purchase "current" memberships, and note which years they are intended to be in the "notes for CLSC management" field.

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