On the Move to Meaningful Internet Systems: Otm 2014 Conferences: Confederated International Conferences: Coopis and Odbase 2014, Amantea, Italy, Octo (Paperback)

On the Move to Meaningful Internet Systems: Otm 2014 Conferences: Confederated International Conferences: Coopis and Odbase 2014, Amantea, Italy, Octo Cover Image
By Robert Meersman (Editor), Herve Panetto (Editor), Tharam Dillon (Editor)
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OnTheMove 2014 Keynotes.- Mining and Posting Big Data on the Web to Add value to Information Contents.- Cloud Assurance: The Notion and the Issues.- eHealtheNough or pHealth: Providing COLLAGEN for Ennovations.- Managing the Execution of Business Processes.- Cooperative Information Systems (CoopIS) 2014 CoopIS 2014 PC Co-Chairs Message.- Process Design and Modeling.- Decomposing Alignment-Based Conformance Checking of Data-Aware Process Models.- A Pattern Approach to Conquer the Data Complexity in Simulation Workflow Design.- Augmenting and Assisting Model Elicitation Tasks with 3D Virtual World Context Metadata.- Deployment of Service-Based Processes in the Cloud Using Petri Net Decomposition.- Process Enactment.- Log-Based Understanding of Business Processes through Temporal Logic Query Checking.- Approach and Refinement Strategies for Flexible Choreography Enactment.- Business Process Fragments Behavioral Merge.- Monitoring and Quality Assessment.- Provenance-Based Quality Assessment and Inference in Data-Centric Workflow Executions.- Collaborative Building of an Ontology of Key Performance Indicators.- Aligning Monitoring and Compliance Requirements in Evolving Business Networks.- Managing Similarity.- TAGER: Transition-Labeled Graph Edit Distance Similarity Measure on Process Models.- CFS: A Behavioral Similarity Algorithm for Process Models Based on Complete Firing Sequences.- Efficient Behavioral-Difference Detection between Business Process Models.- Compliance Checking of Data-Aware and Resource-Aware Compliance Requirements.- Software Services.- RelBOSS: A Relationship-Aware Access Control Framework for Software Services.- A QoS-Aware, Trust-Based Aggregation Model for Grid Federations.- Towards a Formal Specification of SLAs with Compensations.- Steady Network Service Design for Seamless Inter-cloud VM Migration.- Improving Alignment.- Prognosing the Compliance of Declarative Business Processes Using Event Trace Robustness.- Event-Based Real-Time Decomposed Conformance Analysis.- Capitalizing the Designers' Experience for Improving Web API Selection.- Collaboration Systems and Applications.- Software Support Requirements for Awareness in Collaborative Modeling.- Trusted Dynamic Storage for Dunbar-Based P2P Online Social Networks.- A Cooperative Information System for Managing Traffic Incidents with the PAUSETA Protocol.- Short Papers.- Mining Business Process Deviance: A Quest for Accuracy.- Multi-paradigm Process Mining: Retrieving Better Models by Combining Rules and Sequences.- Ontologies, DataBases, and Applications of Semantics (ODBASE) 2014.- ODBASE 2014 PC Co-Chairs Message.- Ontology Querying Methodologies and Paradigms.- Fuzzy XPath Queries in XQuery.- Flexible Querying for SPARQL.- How Good Is Your SPARQL Endpoint? A QoS-Aware SPARQL.- Endpoint Monitoring and Data Source Selection Mechanism for Federated SPARQL Queries.- Embedding OWL Querying and Reasoning into XQuery.- Ontology Support for Web, XML and RDF Data.- Processing and Retrieval.- Deriving Folksonomies for Improving Web API Search.- Adaptive Similarity of XML Data.- FAGI: A Framework for Fusing Geospatial RDF Data.- Knowledge Bases Querying and Retrieval.- Online Reasoning for Ontology-Based Error Detection in Text.- Making Metaquerying Practical for Hi(DL-LiteR) Knowledge Bases.- Knowledge-Based Compliance Checking of Business Processes.- Improved Automatic Maturity Assessment of Wikipedia Medical Articles.- Social Network and Collaborative Methodologies.- Integrity Management in a Trusted Utilitarian Data Exchange Platform.- A Model to Support Multi-Social-Network Applications.- A Method for Detecting Behavior-Based User Profiles in Collaborative Ontology Engineering.- Defining and Investigating the Scope of Users and Hashtags in Twitter.- Ontology-Assisted Event and Stream Processing.- Constructing Event Processing Systems of Layered and Heterogeneous Events with SPARQL.- On Efficient Processing of Linked Stream Data.- Applying Semantics to O.

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