AWS Lambda: 2019 Beginner's Guide to Serverless Microservices (Paperback)

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AWS Lambda 2019 Beginner's Guide to Serverless Microservices.The trend has been threatening to surface for long and there's no better time than now to welcome a serverless architecture into the picture. Rather than draining your energy on the architectural aspect, why not focus your strength and energy on what you Know how to do best.AWS Lambda takes the stress of having to deal with the architectural aspect of building software while saving your energy for the actual job of coding.This beginners guide on Serverless Microservice takes a complete look at what a serverless framework has to offer. Reducing your workload, increasing efficiency and cutting down production cost.To help you take advantage of what this platform has to offer, we've prepared this guide to help you explore the benefits that comes with a serverless framework. Enabling users to execute task faster and better to help you improve results. Image resize, file uploads, API integration and event creation. This guide touches every aspect of this technology that will help you perform task better with just minimum effort.With step-by-step guides, in-depth analysis and screenshot, the reader is taken by the hand and walked through every chapter. We take you from scratch, assuming you have zero knowledge about this technology. We start with a detailed introduction of what AWS is all about, before proceeding to it's features.Furthermore, we walk you through the process of creating events and assigning roles to your functions. With CloudFormation, comes a way to assemble all details in one format to carry out a single functionality.We understand that learning a new concept is quite intimidating and hard to comprehend at the same time. We've made every concept easy to understand using everyday language familiar to our ideal users.In a nutshell, here's what this guide has to offer
  • An introductory page that covers all you need to know about AWS Lambda and the purpose it serves.
  • How to create events and also assign roles to a function
  • Functions are executable actions, more like a code that indicates what action Should be carried out. In this guide, we will take you through 3 tested method on how to create a Function
  • How to add permissions to a Role
  • Easy ways to Access your functions via API Gateway.
Adjusting to a new concept such as this one isn't always an easy idea especially if you're used to using servers. However, with serverless architecture, you get to reduce expenses since you're charged per usage.Save extra by learning all the tricks that comes with AWS lambda. If you're ready to make the move, this guide will walk you through all you need to know.Download your copy of " AWS Lambda " by scrolling up and clicking "Buy Now With 1-Click" button.

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ISBN: 9781691425624
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Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: September 6th, 2019
Pages: 32
Language: English