Building Micro-Frontends: Scaling Teams and Projects Empowering Developers (Paperback)

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Micro-frontends are the answer to today ? 's increasingly complex web applications. Inspired by the microservices model, this approach lets organizations break interfaces into separate features managed by different teams of developers. In this practical guide, Luca Mezzalira shows software architects and senior developers how to build and deliver artifacts atomically rather than use a big bang deployment structure.

You'll learn how this architecture allows different teams to choose any library or framework for their micro-frontends without affecting existing components. This gives your organization technical flexibility and enables you to hire and retain a broad spectrum of talent. Micro-frontends also support distributed or colocated teams more efficiently. Pick up this book and learn how to get started with this technological breakthrough.

  • Explore the technological impact of micro-frontends in your organization
  • Learn how to identify, generate, and orchestrate micro-frontends
  • Identify areas of an application UI that individual teams can handle
  • Understand and manage the complexity that micro-frontends bring inside an organization
  • Establish end-to-end automation for building and deploying micro-frontends using the strangler pattern

About the Author

Luca Mezzalira is VP of Architecture at DAZN with over 15 years of experience, a Google Developer Expert on Web Technologies, and the London Javascript Community Manager. He has had the opportunity to work on cutting-edge projects for mobile, desktop, web, TVs, set top boxes, and embedded devices.Luca currently manages the technical department of DAZN, a sports video platform based on the cloud with millions of users who are watching live and on-demand content. In this role, he encounters all the typical problems, like scalability, resilience, and high availability.Luca thinks the best way to use any programming language is mastering their models, that's why he spends a lot of time studying and researching on topics like OOP, Functional and Reactive programming. In addition, he is a huge believer in cloud infrastructures; in his daily job, Luca uses AWS applying Serverless and Containers paradigms.Luca is the author of Front-End Reactive Architectures published by APress. In Luca's spare time, he has written for national and international technical magazines and editors. He is also a technical reviewer for APress, Packt Publishing, Pragmatic Bookshelf, and O'Reilly.

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ISBN: 9781492082996
ISBN-10: 1492082996
Publisher: O'Reilly Media
Publication Date: November 16th, 2021
Pages: 350
Language: English