Advanced Html5 Games (Paperback)

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HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript, usedtogether, arerevolutionizing the web. These technologies enable developers to create fantastic games, animated user interfaces, and stunning visualizations without the need for third-party plugins likeFlash.

In AdvancED HTML5 Games, learn how to add cutting-edge features to your HTML5 games, such as multiplayer, persistent worlds, 3D, sprite control, pixel-level graphics access and animation, game saves, multi-threading, customizable control methods, and artificial intelligenceall directly inyour browser, and all in HTML5

This book is a direct sequel to Foundation HTML5 Games, containing advanced topics

such as WebSockets for multiplayer and persistent world gaming, and WebGL for creating 3D in HTML5. It also covers advanced methodologies for event handling, keyboard, mouse, and touchinput for player control, HTML5 audio, sprites, pixel-level graphics access, and many more topicsessential to creating modern games for the web and mobile devices.The authorsroundout the book by takingyou step-by-step through a fully-realized arcade game utilizing all of the techniquesyou'll havelearned throughout the book. This projectillustrates how everything fits together, so you can easilyapply your new knowledge to your own projects. What you'll learn How to combine HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript How to use WebSockets for multiplayer gaming How to harness the power of web workers for multithreading How to create advanced graphics using the Canvas object How to use sprites to maximize HTML5 performance How to deploy games to mobile devices and the web Who this book is for

This book will be most beneficial to readers who have some knowledge of HTML5 and CSS3 and a working knowledge of JavaScript. Ideally, readers will have already worked through Foundation HTML5 Games, but this book is also essential reading for intermediate to advanced web developers wanting to jump right into creating immersive games for the web.

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ISBN: 9781430235095
Publisher: Friends of ED
Publication Date: September 1st, 2012
Pages: 350