Lizards of the World: Natural History and Taxon Accounts (Hardcover)

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The first, definitive reference on the natural history and ecology of every one of the known 6500+ species of lizards, spanning the entire globe.

Our planet is literally crawling with lizards. More than 6500 species are known to science, and new species are being discovered annually. In this monumental work, eminent researcher Gordon Rodda has created the first compilation of the natural histories of all the world's lizards and amphisbaenians, as well as the Tuatara. Although other books have attempted to survey the scope of adaptations present in the world's lizards, only Rodda has been able to quantify and summarize all species or higher taxa.

Analyzing the relationships among traits such as morphologic characteristics, reproductive strategies, and food sources, Rodda uncovers novel insights into reptile ecology. Identifying 14 recurring character syndromes across all the world's lizards, he proposes a new lens for categorization. He also touches on

- common names
- geographic range
- length
- mass
- age
- maturation
- differences between the sexes
- nominal variables, including diel activity cycle and foraging mode
- home range
- predator avoidance tactics
- thermal biology
- social spacing
- climate envelope
- habitat and microhabitat
- reproduction
- parental care
- diet
- population density
- conservation status
- ecological business models

Rodda's alphabetical taxon accounts provide an instantly retrievable sketch of every species, genus, and family. Outlining more than 1500 statistically significant associations extracted from a data matrix composed of more than 300 conditions tabulated--to the extent known--for all 6528 species of lizards, Lizards of the World will be the go-to source for the next generation of reptile ecologists, as well as herpetology students and serious herpetoculturists.

About the Author

Gordon H. Rodda is a zoologist emeritus at the United States Geological Survey's Fort Collins Science Center. He is a coeditor of Problem Snake Management: The Habu and Brown Treesnake.

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