Learning Node.js: A Hands-On Guide to Building Web Applications in JavaScript (Paperback)

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Learning Node.js A Hands-On Guide to Building Web Applications in JavaScript

Node.js makes it far easier to create fast, compact, and reliable web/network applications and web servers, and is rapidly becoming indispensable to modern web developers.
Learning Node.js brings together the knowledge and JavaScript code you need to build master the Node.js platform and build server-side applications with extraordinary speed and scalability.
You ll start by installing and running Node.js, understanding the extensions it uses, and quickly writing your first app. Next, building on the basics, you ll write more capable application servers and extend them with today's most powerful Node.js tools and modules. Finally, you ll discover today's best practices for testing, running Node.js code on production servers, and writing command-line utilities.
Throughout the book, author Marc Wandschneider teaches by walking you line-by-line through carefully crafted examples, demonstrating proven techniques for creating highly efficient applications and servers.
  • Build Node.js solutions that leverage your current JavaScript skills
  • Master Node.js nonblocking IO and async programming
  • Handle more requests and increase your application's flexibility
  • Use and write your own modules
  • Perform common JSON/web server tasks
  • Use browsers to generate pages on the fly via Ajax calls and template libraries
  • Simplify development with the express framework
  • Create database back-ends using popular NoSQL and relational databases
  • Deploy and run Node.js apps on Unix/OS X or Windows servers
  • Take advantage of multiprocessor hardware
  • Support virtual hosts and SSL/HTTPS security
  • Test Node.js programs that mix synchronous, async, and RESTful server API functionality

About the Author

Marc Wandschneider co-founded Adylitica, a leading specialist in massively scalable web and mobile app design and development. He travels the globe, consulting as a lead manager for software projects and teams. A graduate of McGill University s School of Computer Science, he spent five years at Microsoft, developing and managing developers on the Visual Basic, Visual J++, and .NET Windows Forms teams. "

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ISBN: 9780321910578
ISBN-10: 0321910575
Publisher: Addison-Wesley Professional
Publication Date: June 29th, 2013
Pages: 281
Language: English
Series: Learning